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How to Make Fake Guts for a Halloween Dummy

To enhance your Halloween décor, nothing says "fun" like a disemboweled dummy. You can make fake guts for a Halloween dummy using simple items you probably have in your home. This is 1 way of making them.

1.  Cut the legs off a pair of flesh-colored pantyhose. Discard the upper section. Fill both legs with layers of rolled newspaper or paper toweling and place in a large bowl.
2. Make 3 boxes of red Jello. Pour ˝ the hot Jello mixture over the pantyhose, ensuring they soak completely through. Place in the refrigerator overnight.
3.  Pour the remaining ˝ of Jello mixture into a bowl and refrigerate. Once it's set, blend with a hand held mixer for 10 seconds or run it lightly through a blender. Refrigerate until ready for use.
4.  Lay the prepared entrails in place in and around your dummy's torso and cover with the chopped Jello.  TADA!  Intestines anyone??

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